Getting involved

A prayer solution designed for places, large and small

Your Place at Prayer is all about encouraging Christians to pray together in the place where they live. We do this by delivering web based software that creates a momentum for 24-7 prayer. Our solutions are designed for villages, towns, cities, boroughs, regions and large networks.

How do we get involved?

We are currently looking for suitable locations in which to host Your Place at Prayer websites. To express an interest in our service you need to register as a Prayer Coordinator by clicking on the registration link. After you have registered you will receive an email confirmation from theĀ Your Place at Prayer team who will contact you to discuss setting up a Your Place at Prayer service. Prayer Coordinators also gain access to a range of free prayer resources by registering with our site.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for the end-user (those who register with your website to pray) as access to the service is freely available via the web. During the launch phase of the service we will be offering the setup and hosting of Your Place at Prayer websites free of charge. This is to enable us to fully test our service, and to adapt to the needs of the praying community. Following our official launch, there will be a small cost for the set-up of your website, and an annual charge for hosting and support.