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Occasionally we may: (a) change the technical specification of the Your Place at Prayer service; (b) suspend the Your Place at Prayer service for operational reasons such as repair, maintenance or improvement of the service or because of an emergency

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Under no circumstances whatsoever may any registered user share or distribute their user names or passwords to third parties. Any breach of this term will result in the immediate suspension of the account.

Under no circumstances whatsoever shall members distribute the materials contained within this site. Each campaign account is individually licensed and any member found in breach of this term shall have their account suspended immediately.


Clients may request specific alterations to their Your Place at Prayer account for the purpose of extending the functionality, or changing the workflow of the service. This may allow organisations the flexibility to create specific feature sets that are not part of the core Your Place at Prayer system. Mirata Ltd provides bespoke coding that can be purchased in 1 hour intervals. This service is only available at the discretion of Mirata Ltd, and must be requested by the account holder. This service may be discounted should feature requests have a system wide benefit.


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